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Our Programs: Exceptional Childcare in Calgary

For kids aged 2 months up to 12 years, Mahogany Learning Centre offers childcare in Calgary. We believe in stimulating children’s imaginations and fostering learning through play. The best way to help with learning is through engagement: we incorporate a child’s interests and experiences into their education, and we prioritize activities that allow for creativity. Our childcare differs depending on your youngster’s age: for preschool kids aged 2 to 3, our toddler program helps with the early stages of learning; for older kids, our after-school program gives kids a fun and educational place to go after the bell rings. From art, physical activity to social engagement, emotional support and nutrition, our childcare program is designed to meet the needs of the “whole child.”

Our Goals and Objectives

To promote a child’s healthy growth: socially, emotionally, intellectually, creatively and physically

To foster a child’s positive self-image

To offer a safe, positive and supportive environment

To offer healthy nutrition to allow children to reach their optimal development

To provide social opportunities for children to enhance their language skills and communication

To establish a cooperative and open relationship with the family of each child

To celebrate and promote cultural and ethnic diversity

To maintain open, collaborative relationships throughout our Calgary community

Childcare Programs We Offer

19 months-3years
3 years - pre-k
K-12 Years

Review the application package on our Registration page.

Learning through Play Philosophy

Much like Montessori, learning through play is a type of program and a term used in child development and education. The main idea behind learning through play is to provide an environment that is stimulating with various options for age-appropriate play. For example, a toddler is in the physical developmental stage of picking up smaller objects (fine motor skills). A childcare worker can provide various activities that would practice this emerging skill, such as Lego block building, or doll play.

By allowing children to play, they do the things they love but are also learning through their senses; this allows development more holistically – social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. It is also the best way for children to gain confidence, independence, and develop critical thinking skills. It is currently the leading way to raise healthy and balanced children. 

At Mahogany Learning Centre, we nurture play by providing socially rich opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning. We believe that play empowers children to discover, gather, and use information, and to problem solve in a positive, productive, and supportive manner. Contact us about enrollment today.

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Your family may be eligible to receive childcare financial aid from the Government of Alberta.


Ready for Fun and Learning?

From infants to pre-teens, our childcare programs meet the needs of your child.

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