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A Diverse Environment for Children to Play and Learn

We’re a home away from home for your children aged 2 months to 9 years.

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Mahogany Learning Centre - An Accredited and Licensed Daycare in Calgary

At Mahogany Learning Centre, we don’t just look after children—we care for them as if they were our own. We view our clients as a family, giving children of different cultures and backgrounds a home away from home and a place to feel warm, welcome and cared for. We offer daycare in Calgary for children as young as 2 months and after-school care for kids as old as 9 years, providing an environment where youngsters can learn through hands-on activity. We believe in learning through play and keeping children engaged and involved via fun and exciting activities. Enjoyment and education are best when they go hand in hand! We’ll listen to kids and make them feel appreciated and valued.

Programs for Different Stages of Development

We have an infant program for those aged 2 – 19 months, a toddler program for young ones aged 19 months – 3 years, a program for preschoolers (3 years – before kindergarten), and an after school program for school aged children.

For elementary school kids, supporting academic staff can help with education issues and homework at our affordable after-school care program. We’re licensed, professional, and provide quality programs that meet each individual child’s physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs. Contact us today for more information.

Our Programs

19 months-3years
3 years - pre-k
K-12 Years

Parental Involvement

We want to give parents the opportunity to be involved in their children’s daycare! We encourage parents to come to our centre and help to educate the children. You can share elements of your culture or profession with the group: you could read a book in your native language, teach the kids to cook food from your culture, or volunteer to grill burgers at an occasion like our summer BBQ. If we’re having an event, we want to give parents a chance to be involved. We know that many parents are busy at work, so you’re welcome to be involved in your own schedule.

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